Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Star Struck Furniture!

The duo of Jimmie Martin and Terry O'Neill create star struck furniture with a midas touch!  They work out of their Kensington studio in London where the pair sources pieces of antique furniture. Using 22 karat gold leaf and Swarovski crystal along with Karlsson's hand painted graffiti and embellishments, they rebuild the furniture from the ground up and try to create bespoke pieces that are both Baroque and  Modern at the same time. Each chair can take up to 50 hours to transform and the duo also re-creates pieces ranging from beds to ottomans, cabinets and even lamps! You can find these fun, eclectic pieces on www.jimmiemartin.com. Check them out, and remember don't take life so seriously! Even the most serious of furniture can be fun!
Credits: Departure Magazine.

Just in time for the Stone's 2012 tour!!

Say hello to my little bed!!

Can never have enough Audrey!

The creative team behind these amazing pieces!


  1. Hi, Karolyn -
    More than furniture here....the pieces are like art. Very clever! I think the set of "god save the queen" chairs is really fun.

    1. I love those too, it is amazing to think of the possibilities when it comes to furniture!

  2. Every home needs a little fun! I love these pieces!
    Thank you for sharing, Karolyn.
    Happy Wednesday.


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