Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fashion for Frightful Weather!

Winter is here! Especially in the Northeast where we spent a very snowy Thanksgiving weekend in the Adirondacks! I was glad that I brought my two yearold Nobis down coat, it kept me toasty! There are a few essentials that one needs to keep warm this time of the year, but that doesn't mean you have to give up looks for practicality.  I have some favorite outwear pieces that I would like to share with you. Although some may be pricey they are made so well that you will have them for years and you will be happy to drag them out on a cold blustery day! 

(Toasty Warm Boots)

Ulu Boots I have had for 5 years!

Uggs, really like this style

I just got these in Charcoal at The Birch Store in Keene! Brand-Eric Michael.

Love these- Nomad-Waterproof/ The Five Fish.com


(My Favorite Line of  Winter Coats- Nobis!)


(Love Nobis Hats!)

I have this one, its great!

(Gloves for Snow and on the Go!)

Grandoe are sooo warm!

Ooh, I love these Burberry gloves. Just right for a chilly car!

Burberry as well!


  1. Such a great boot collection and I really like the Nobis coat selection. It's fairly common here in the pacific northwest. Ugg is really coming out with some wonderful new styles!


  2. Funny, Karolyn, we were at the mall last night shopping for down filled outerwear. I liked the ones at North Face. But they are not as stylish as the ones you've shown here!

  3. I love cold weather, so naturally I love these pieces.
    Thank you for sharing, Karolyn.

  4. Your boots are the most gorgeous! Keep them! love C

  5. We have so little cold weather in NC, but I love your snuggly wear. The boots are so wonderful!!

  6. looks like a wonderful collection and so vital this time of year! I love to get all my winter items in place before the cold weather hits. I haven't heard of Nobis before, so Im looking forward to checking them out.
    xo Nancy


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