Thursday, December 6, 2012

African Inspiration!

I love anything with an Ethnic flare. I think we inside we wish we could travel as the Hemingway's and Roosevelt's of yesteryear. The original accessories for the home were found while traveling.  Now through the magic of the worldwide web and the help of interior designers one can have that eclectic traveled look without having to get on a plane. 
One well traveled interior influence that I love is the African influence. It is seen added to so many spaces these days. I am incorporating it into a client's home at the present, and it all started with a piece of art! You too can add these touches to your space and they work well in almost any style interior from country to traditional. Enjoy!

The Natural Curiosities Piece that was the Inspiration!

Then this lovely Gregory Colbert Photo followed for the guest bath.

The above baskets also for guest bath, all available at Tango Zulu.

If you want more color that wall baskets have to offer a Cameroon Headdress may be your option!
Available on Ebay.

A natural colored Headdress- Pelicans & Parrots.

I love the African spears, especially framed in a long matted setting!

I really like the elephant making a come back, this is an antique carved stool but the ceramic ones are great as well!

Cannot say enough about African rugs!

Antique African rug through- Nazimiyal!

These carved door as gorgeous and would be fabulous with barn door wheels as room partitions or even used as tables with glass tops etc!


  1. I think African baskets are so beautiful. Lovely textures and patterns. I used to work at the Smithsonian Institution, and would go to the African Museum of Art frequently.
    Happy December!

  2. Oh my.... these pictures are so so lovely! The rugs are pretty, too.
    Great post. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Those headdresses are amazing! I think I saw another project image somewhere that had one on a wall and I didn't know what it was. Thanks for the explanation!

  4. I love the rugs. I want those rugs in my home.

    1. Thanks for checking in Mike! Check out Etsy and EBay for African rugs!
      Have a good holiday!


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