Thursday, January 24, 2013

Liking Leather Skirts!

 I am really liking leather skirts these days....

Oops, no that one! Although I must give Kanye credit for always pushing the envelope!! Found-Brobizzy!

I mean this one!! Designer Richard Hallberg did these lovelies for Veranda and I just love them!

Lee Industries, I am not crazy about the color choice but I could definitely see this in a fawn or faded gray tone leather, it would be great!

Love this and the color from Bernhardt!
This would be perfect I love the color and the lines,  Lee Industries.

Would you do a skirted leather chair or sofa, I know I would definitely consider a dining chair without a doubt!


  1. Hi, Karolyn - Very interesting! I've not seen leather skirted seating in person. I definitely would consider skirted chairs in the right leather. Probably in a fine, smooth leather as opposed to one with rustic texture.

  2. Good question, hmm I probably wouldn't choose leather but you shall never say never...sometimes it can be beautiful. xo Caroline


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