Monday, February 4, 2013

Kara Ross Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire!

Kara Ross always seemed to have a love of jewelry! As a teenager upon returning from a trip to Africa, Kara's parent allowed her to choose a native gemstone to commemorate their trip. They told her to take it and design a ring, Kara then chose a tourmaline stone. She then went to to the "Jeweler's Row" in Philadelphia were she created a square cut ring on a 18kt. band of diamonds, this had a lasting affect on Ross and thus her passion grew for  Jewelry design!
 After graduating from Georgetown University and a brief stint in advertising at Harper’s Bazaar, Kara became a certified gemologist. Pieces from her fine jewelry can now be seen at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and the San Diego Natural History Museum. An exhibition at the GIA Museum is taking place in 2013. Kara’s pieces have also been included in Ruth Peltason’s book “Living Jewels – Masterpieces from Nature”. The Women’s Jewelry Association honored Kara by awarding her with the WJA 2012 Excellence in Design award. Her most famous private client to date is President Obama and the First Lady, for whom she created exclusive gifts made from Magnolia wood that originated from the White House lawn.
In 2003 she founded the company Kara Ross, which has rapidly grown from its origins in fine jewelry and is known for its bold and unique use of exotic skins and gemstones across several jewelry lines, handbags, and belts.  The newest addition to the brand is the Kara Ross Gemstone Collection which debuted in fall 2010.

The Summit Speech School is proud to have Kara Ross as our guest speaker this year! We pride ourselves on creating a wonderful benefit that supports the children in our program and allows them to have cochlear implants and therapy to adjust and become part of the hearing world!
We also would not be able to do this without the support of many generous sponsors and people who have donated wonderful items to our auctions. We are always in need of fabulous services, outings, and items to make this event successful. If you have a service, outing or item you can generously donate  please contact me-( Karolyn)!  All those who donate will be listed in both a commemorative advertising journal and auction book, and distributed to approximately 500 guests form Morris, Essex and Somerset counties. All donations are tax deductible!


Thank you Kara Ross!


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