Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Morning Web Surfing for Sales!

It's cold with snow on the ground, and I am warm and cozy glued to my computer surfing my favorite shopping haunts for cool things! Of course I love visiting my blogger friend's sites as well and always find something that I love.  Thought I would share some of my Sunday morning finds with you, Enjoy!
Stay warm my friends. 

Above 4 pieces are on 1st Dibs, check out their Saturday Sale !

Above 2 are from Ebay!! Under Widdicomb search, and that fabulous blue one is part of a pair!!!

Above 3 are from my favorite store on V&M- L'Entrepot!

I love shopping The Enchanted Home! The above 3 are from there and they are fabulous!

These lovely pieces of jewelry are from Splenderosa, I love her site and so do my girls!

I am a big fan of Annechovie! She has such wonderful paintings, prints and accessories for the home, So many to choose from, I especially love these 3!


  1. Those Anchovie prints are lovely - such pretty colour combinations and so much attention to detail.

  2. Oh will def look Anchovie up,looks like my style:) Hope you´re well! xo Caroline

  3. Great finds--I love all the blogs you mentioned--they all have such fabulous taste!


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