Monday, March 18, 2013

Going for that Tribal Look, Add A little German!

20th Century Ceramic

My new obsession is West German Pottery!  Especially Fat Lava and drip glazed pieces. These pieces of pottery were produced during the 1950's to the 1970's and in the 80's started to fall out of favor. However, they are back and staying! I think people like to now have that traveled look even if its done in a traditional manner, these pieces mix well for the mid century mod look and those who want an eclectic and tribal feel. I started collecting accessories for a client who loves tribal and added a lovely vase to the mix. I can't wait to bring all my finds over to start accessorizing, thought I would take a photo and show you a nice way to group such a piece! Happy Monday all!



Town & Country Interiors LLC


  1. I have not come across West German pottery. Very interesting forms and fabulous textures. I hope they are not too pricey.

  2. Gorgeous, rich colors and I like all the different shapes. Pottery is so much fun to collect:)


  3. Karolyn, you won a piece of jewelry from my giveaway! A few have already chosen their piece, so hurry on by my blog post & then let me know which piece you would like. Congrats, my friend.

    1. You are truly the BEST!!! I am so excited will head over right away!! Was in NYc with a client did not see this until now!! Yay!!
      xo Karolyn

  4. I learned something the vibrant colors.


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