Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Am Back and Blogging About Brunschwig & Fils!

I had to take a temporary hiatus, too many things to deal with that I even care to mention! I hope all my fellow blogger friends are doing well.  I was without a computer for over 10days, if you could only imagine!  I have alot of catching up to do so I thought I would keep this one simple.  I love" Le Jardin Chinois" collection from Brunschwig & Fils! I like every piece of fabric in the collection, the colors are gorgeous and the neutrals are soothing, yet interesting.  I picked some of my favorite neutrals that would create a wonderful space and maybe influence some of my young trendy followers to step a bit towards the traditional side with a clean palette that some mod pieces would mix well with. 
I am so glad to be back!

Below you see another wonderful fabric from a different collection by Brunschwig, but see how it mixes effortlessly with the great Chinois neutrals!

I guess if I had to throw a color into the mix it would definitely be a big pop of this lovely turquoise!
One of my all time favorite shades!


  1. Those fabrics are fabulous
    love the colors
    love the patterns
    and would look so fresh and gorgeous anywhere.

  2. Karolyn-
    So happy to have you back!
    This collection is fabulous! The red and green are my favorites, but i would probably end up using the taupe. I hope that one day I can step out of my comfort zone in my own home.
    Happy Monday.

    1. Thanks Teresa!! Was a crazy few weeks at home but things are better now, glad to be posting again!

  3. Welcome back! xo Caroline
    Ps Clinique giveaway on my blog, join in!


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