Thursday, May 23, 2013

Craving Color!

I have to admit when it comes to my own home I have been playing it safe with color! 

I do  have some great color in large paintings and drapery but for the most part I have warm neutrals throughout. However, these days  I am totally drawn to eye catching color! I always pick the magazine that has a burst of color on the front page, and I am attracted to color drenched art and fabrics as well.
I think I may have to go for a real pop of color on the walls in one of my rooms, I think the side foyer... when I come up the right color I will let you know!  I guess for now I will just admire the brave designers who took a chance on color and won!

Credits- All from Pinterest!!


  1. These are beautiful rooms! I am afraid of bold colors too. I feel if I did them it would be a total car crash.

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  3. Karolyn what a fabulous colour injection of this dull day! Wishing you a wonderful weekend - Glenda

  4. Love this color explosion! Im a color girl and youre talking my language. Have a wonderful weekend Karolyn and thanks for your recent comments and continued support!
    xo Nancy

  5. Wahoo! It's exactly what I love in decorations... Love your inspirations!

  6. Hi Karolyn, Such a pretty post! Even in a neutral space.. you've got to have something:) Have a wonderful weekend!


  7. I'm exactly the same, and I'm ready to go bold somewhere! :) Happy Memorial Day!


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