Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gatsby Brings Back Great walls!


I love wall coverings! Yes, I said it.. wall coverings! I know alot of people are afraid of wallpaper and treatments because they feel so permanent to them, but if you truly are in love with the choice you will have it for years with no regrets.  I am thrilled to see the amazing interiors in this new Gatsby. One can learn that good choices last for decades and some good examples are the wall coverings and architecture in the Great Gatsby! I have chosen some De Gournay and diamond pattern images to show the relationship to todays interiors as well as in the Fitzgerald era and you can see that these interior choices have stood the test of time! 

The Great Gatsby bedroom notice the diamond pattern throughout!

credits- Elle Decor, Pinteriest, Dear Designer.blogspot.com, Apartment Therapy.


  1. Love these wallpapers, all of them! xo Caroline

  2. The lucite console and the bath with the fabulous wallpaper are to die for!! Love this post! I think a little more Gatsby is exactly what we all need.

  3. I have always been a fan of wallpaper, it can make a room look so creative and it doesn't need to look like something your Nana did 40 years ago. The creative design from Gatsby is incredibly inspiring.

  4. Since I am Gatsby Gardens you know I am into Gatsby! I have slowly gone back into wallpapers, bathrooms.

    I never want to remove twenty-three rolls of wallpaper again!


  5. De Gournay and diamonds... what's not to love?! Such eye candy!!

    The Glam Pad


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