Sunday, June 2, 2013

Art among us- Favorites on the First!

A painting I did years ago based on a horse I saw in Hungary as a child.

I was so excited to join up with The Polo House for Favorites on  the First! We all have art work and I do believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder! What may speak to one person may not at all to another. I have  a few pieces that I love and have collected over the years, and I have to say that I still enjoy their presence in my home!  I cannot wait to see what art others have posted I feel like paintings, photography etc add so much to a space and create peace in our minds!

I added a photo of Kieran our horse, and cant center it for some reason! My daughter took this and its near and dear to our hearts!
Maureen Chatfield painting eagerly awaiting the Visual comfort sconces that I will be hanging next to it in my dining room!

A Irish watercolor in my Butler's Pantry, I love sheep!

My husband's dear client painted this for us and left it to him in her will, I love this one!

A bargain find, and there is just something about it that I am drawn too!

My stab at an abstract interior painting  that I did in one of Maureen Chatfield's  painting classes at the Hunterdon Art Museum.

Starting a gallery style hanging collection up my living room staircase.

A huge Maureen Chatfield painting that graces my living room!

An estate sale find that is in my dining room.

Another talented client of my husband's I love Native American art and this is lovely!


  1. Karolyn these are wonderful pieces! Love the Americana Girl in Red Dress and your Abstract art.

    Art by Karena

    1. Thank you Karen, hope all is well!!!
      That little girl is one of my favorites too!

  2. What fun to see pieces from your art collection. Ours is eclectic as well, which I find exciting. I singled out one piece because of time restraints, but seeing everyone's posts makes me wish I had shared more of our collection. I think the two you painted are excellent. My one experience with taking classes in painting with oils wasn't so successful. Absolutely love your horse! My other favorites are the child in red with her dolls and the native Americas woman with her regal stance. A delightful post!

    1. Thank you so much, I love yours as well!!
      This was alot of fun!

  3. I have enjoyed your post sharing your art collection very much! You have such a wonderful variety of art. I can't imagine living without it. I think your abstract still life is fantastic. Abstracts are so difficult to paint....they frustrate me!

    I really love your horse painting, too....his mane and forelock are so pretty. We're horse people, and I was wondering what kind of horse it is. Is it a draft horse?

    Linking from The Polo House,
    Ricki Jill

    1. A Hungarian draft horse I think it was a horse I saw 35 years ago! We love horses too and I forgot to add our horse Kieran tot he mix.. a photograph that my daughter too, I will go back and add! Love that you appreciate how hard an abstract can be this was really tough for me!
      so glad to find your blog will follow!!

  4. OH! I just saw your lovely comment and beautiful face over at Tina's and then I see you at my blog! HELLO THERE! That first painting you did is wonderful and has a charm that I love for my cottage! Art, especially when it is of someone/something we love so, fills our homes with so much love.

    Thank you for coming to my fairytale!!!!! Anita

  5. What beautiful pieces, Karolyn!
    Love your daughter's photograph of the horse -- stunning.
    Your staircase gallery is SO pretty. Perfect grouping.

    And that Irish watercolor is gorgeous.
    Love your eclectic mix. So many lovely colors and

    THANKS for sharing at Favorites on the First!!!


    1. Thoroughly enjoyed this!! Thanks for such a great post idea!!

  6. Oh wow....these are great! I have a special love for the Native American Art. We have a lot of Native American genes in our family. Thank you for dropping by my blog. Never realized how satisfying it can be to paint. Sure enjoyed your blog....

  7. Hi, Karolyn -
    I didn't know you painted. And so beautifully!! Thank you for sharing your collection and own works. Such an eclectic, wonderful and personal collection, as it should be. The grouping above the staircase is fabulous and very interesting - I love it! Is the large piece from Thailand?

    1. Yes! I found it at brimfield and was told it was from Thailand, I love it it!
      Best, karolyn

  8. Beautiful artwork through out your house, starting from your very own painting and it's just great! I love specially love the group of paintings going up your stairs. The one your hubby inherited is gorgeous, it's so special and makes such a statement on your walls. Love your abstract painting as well. Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed them all. Thank you for your visit Karolyn, to see my artwork, although I have lots more, these are special..but I think all are special as well.

  9. Beautiful collection! Eclectic and personal--just as art should be! Lovely!

  10. Thanks SO much for sweet words on my blog:) I love your blog to Its full of inspiration in every post.

    If you like Bardot...check out my new post:)

    have an amazing day dear

    LOVE Maria


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