Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Unexpected Touch Of Color!

That Ceiling!!

One can tell when an experienced designer has had their hands on a space.  Besides that fact that the spaces will be positioned correctly with proper weight and height, there is a bravery when choosing color and fabrics that either a person with amazing taste or a designer knows how to pull off!  It is always the unexpected pop of color that impresses me. You know, that certain color that most wouldn't dream of throwing into a space and somehow, someway it really works! I have found a few great examples of that and would love to know what unexpected color you threw into a room.  Enjoy!

Prussian blue with olive green and a touch of Turquoise!

Lavender and orange pillows!

Green Dot Pillows!

Multi Yellow and Raspberry pillows.

Chartreuse Tiger Chair!

Brown walls with Turquoise and Yellow pillows!

The pillows!!

Lemon and Pale Orange!

A few ways to add the unexpected color to your space, use pillows, poufs or throws!

The above four items are from the fabulous site-Pure Home!
Lovely pale pink pillows form ETSY!
Fabulous Chartreuse velvet pillows on ETSY!!!

Credits: House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Decor Pad, Eye For Design, Architectural Digest.


  1. Love those velvet pillow Karolyn! ..and yes, an unexpected pop is the perfect touch.


  2. The first room with that ceiling is so stylish and chic. Really takes your eye up!
    x Loi

  3. What a great selection of inspiring things! I love love the first bright ceiling!! and the mix of prussian blue and olive and turqoise, and the seating under the stairs is so cozy!
    xo Z

  4. Great post, Karolyn! I love every single room!!
    It is just that special little something.

  5. Love the banquette under the stairs...


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