Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tripping The Light Fantastic!

I love lighting!! I really enjoy receiving new products via email and I cannot believe how far lighting has come!  There are some really cool lighting fixtures out there and it makes me want to change the lighting in my own home after viewing these fabulous pieces.  Here is  a LARGE hand full of light fixtures that I am smitten with right now. Enjoy!

 First and foremost my favorite showroom to shop for clients has to be Vaughan! The lighting is so beautiful and made so well it's hard to compare once you've purchased a piece from Vaughan.  However, I have found some truly close seconds as you can see in the lighting following my top 7 from Vaughan!

The two sconces below are from Solaria a cutting edge lighting source to the trade!


The four pieces below are from one of my favorite showrooms," Niermann Weeks" they are cool and the finishes are always perfection!

  Well, we all love Circa Lighting and I especially love seeing what's new in their inventory. The following light fixtures are fantastic.  I want the first one as my staple ceiling fixture throughout my home!

What a great little shelf sconce!!


  1. Hi! Yes once you start researching a subject, you wanna shop!(: I love light fixtures and luckily the ones that were in our home when we bought it were "awful ugly" so I could exchange them all and I still have the whole basement to go! Thanks for the tips...I love, their antique section especially but got a deco piece from them for the back part of our office and love it!
    ciao Z

  2. It is amazing how much a great light fixture can elevate a room. The ones you featured are great ones!


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