Sunday, September 1, 2013

" Candy & Candy "- For The Designer Sweet Tooth!

 It was a busy and emotional weekend for me as I dropped my first born off at College for the first time.  We were able to enjoy a lovely weekend in Saratoga, New York with our daughter.  However, leaving her there was a different story!  I couldn't sleep last night so I perused through one of my favorite "wish list" magazines.. Robb Report Home & Style.  I read an article on one of the world's most sought after dynamic duo design teams, " Candy & Candy"!  I was grateful that this article caught my attention and that I was able to be distracted by such amazing design on a sleepless Sunday!
Candy and Candy was founded by Nick and Christian Candy in 1999. This amazing duo is driven by pursuit of perfect and special attention to detail. They are true believers and purveyors of all things bespoke. They are recognized globally and have delivered only the most opulent properties in terms of location, quality and design. Now you too may have some eye candy for your design library " The Arts Of Design", by Candy & Candy. This 200 page book is filled with projects that span the globe and you sure to marvel at the detail and creativity of this team! Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend...BonVoyage..Summer!


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