Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Neiman Marcus" Project Beauty" to Benefit Autism!


It has  been a bust week and I have sadly neglected my blog.. Sorry!!  I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful event today! It was Project Beauty a runway and beauty event at Neiman Marcus in which the proceeds of the tickets benefit the the amazing Newmark School for Autisic children.

The Newmark School is located in Scotch plains, NJ and is a brand new state of the art facility for those who have autism. The fundraiser proceeds went primarily to the Arts program which helps the students envelop through music and the arts. Please take time to look into this great school and the strides it is making in helping our young ones thrive and parent's hope, The Newmark School.

The event also had some guests who are personally involved with Autism Speaks. The first speaker many of you may be familiar with,  Jacqueline Laurita from the Housewives Of New Jersey! Here is a glimpse of Jacqueline's address to the audience and her personal struggle with Autism.  She was a lovely person and truly emotional and down to earth in person.  Jacqueline will also be launching a beauty site in late Fall-"Altruistic Beauty".

Jacqueline Laurita

We were also privileged to be addressed by Laura Slatkin, CEO and Founder of NEST Fragrances New York.  I have always loved NEST candles and home fragrances and was unaware of how involved Laura Slotkin was with Autism Research. She and her husband had twins Alexandra and David  in 1999, her son was diagnosed with severe Autism. So Laura and her husband Harry along with some colleagues started the New York Center for Autism in 2003.  In 2005 they started the first public charter school in NY dedicated to serving children with Autism. Now they are working with Cornell Medical College to form The Institute For Brain Development, in White Plains, NY. Laura is also on the board of Autism Speaks.


Laura Slatkin

I was truly impressed by the support from Instyle Magazine who sponsored this event and all the guests and models , who by the way looked amazing!  Here are a few of my favorites from the Runway, hope you enjoy and please support Autism Speaks!

Sorry couldn't help it!! 

I purchased this all in  one beauty kit from Chantecaille called Wild Horses, a portion of the purchase goes to the SPCA and the rescue of the Wild Horses that are being sold to auctions for slaughter!
Chantecaille Wild Horses!

Braids and Buns are the all the rage for this season!

I must say Animal prints are here to stay!

 The lovely Laura Slatkin, I felt so underdressed compared to Laura's sophisticated Jackie O style!

Allison Della Pello, Jacqueline Laurita and Laura Slatkin.

My favorite scented candle by NEST-Moroccan Amber!


  1. What a great cause...and it looks like a fun night!

  2. What a wonderful event for this cause and the models look amazing...love the buns! So glad you had a fun night and you looked great!!

  3. Fun and Fashion for a good cause! Love Nest candles.
    Thanks so much for your kind comments on Karena's post on me, pve.

  4. what a cool event! great photos and great blog!

  5. What a nice event! I also love Nest candles - have one in grapefruit on my entry chest!

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