Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Colorful Kitchen!

We will be starting two kitchen projects very soon. Both clients think they want to stay classic and do white cabinetry.  I agree that white is a safe choice for kitchens these days, and most people seem comfortable with a clean white kitchen.  I myself find myself drawn the unexpected colorful kitchens these days.  I am not sure if all the white kitchens are starting to look alike to me or if seeing Cameron Diaz's kitchen in Elle Decor really gave me that " WOW" factor!  Paint colors can be tricky because cabinets are expensive and you had better be in love with the color you choose because it will be with you for quite some time. One way to get pop of color without being surrounded by it is to either finish the island a cool paint choice or a separate piece of cabinetry like a built-in desk area or pantry area.
Here are some fun painted kitchens that I like. Which way do you lean, classic white or something unexpected? Let me know!

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

House Beatuiful
Plain & Fancy Cabinetry

Plain & Fancy


Small Bone Devizes

Small Bone


  1. I died over Cameron Diaz's kitchen although I do love a neutral but contrasty kitchen right now! xo nancy

  2. Funny how kitchens are the heart of one's home and cabinetry be the great bones.
    Loving all the images you posted. My kitchen is white uppers and smokey oak bottoms.
    Looks like a white shirt and dark bottoms, my uniform.

  3. I admire brightly colored kitchens in other people's homes, but for me personally, nothing beats a Classic White Kitchen! So timeless and elegant!! Ours is almost finished, and it will make its debut at The Glam Pad soon. :)

    The Glam Pad

    1. Oh I can't wait to see your kit hen reveal!

  4. I've had a pale yellow kitchen, a cornflower blue kitchen, and a dove gray kitchen. But never a white one. And you know how much I love white!! Funny how things work out. Those are all beautiful kitchens, Karolyn.


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