Tuesday, October 29, 2013

As seen in Elle Decor Artist K Jagjit Singh!

As I leafed through this month's Elle Decor, Jean Louis Deniot's design of a New Delhi Estate really caught my eye. The estate was palatial and stunningly decorated. The use of antiques and art were key. One room especially stood out to me and I think it was because of the fabulous masculine painting that hung above a sofa, it worked effortlessly with the space, and I had to know who did it!  I found K Jagjit Singh and contacted the artist to find out more about his work. He was wonderful and sent these beautiful pieces to post. To find out availability of certain pieces please contact him directly at -kjagjitsingh@facebook.com

‘ K Jagjit has painted for nearly four decades. His works, mainly oils on canvas, are pristine and vibrant. Although, strictly not an Impressionist, he creates mood of the day through skillful application of colorrs. Whereas, play of light on objects and nature concern him, he often adopts a philosophical vision of life. His landscapes thus are not about meanings but about feelings; for form, colorr and the enormity these together create.
Like Wordsworth’s tryst with golden daffodils, Singh witnesses, absorbs and then reclaims himself in his paintings. His works reflect the joy he experiences while working.'

Elle Decor


  1. Karolyn-
    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! And how grand it looks in this room!

  2. I am so behind on my magazine reading so these photos are a real treat. The artwork is divine! Thanks for posting!!!

  3. I have a stack of mags to catch up on (and books)! Love these, real statement pieces.....

  4. I love the first picture! Such a beautiful post!



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