Monday, October 14, 2013

Interview With Style Guru- Lloyd Boston!

 Lloyd Boston is the go to stylist that celebrities use for advice so that they too may look as fashionably stunning as he does! Lloyd has been on such shows as Oprah, Wendy Williams and Martha Stewart. He has covered the Oscar's, Emmy's and Golden Globes from the RED Carpet for Access Hollywood and Extra!
 Lloyd is also an author of some amazing style books.  I have a few of Lloyd's books and my style bible is definitely "Before You Put That On"! I still go to that book when I need advice on just the right piece to wear.  I was so grateful that Lloyd agreed with his super crazy schedule to do a quick Q & A for my readers. I felt this time of year women love to shop for that perfect Fall/Winter Wardrobe and we could always use a few good tips. My sister and I went to school with Lloyd back in the day, and we are so happy for him as he has found  huge success in something that he loves to do! So lets learn a bit about Lloyd today and what advice he has for the ultimate Seasonal wardrobe!

Lloyd Boston

Lloyd's reviews the RED carpet looks from October!

1. Lloyd please give my readers a brief history of your career path that has lead you to become the fabulous style commentator and fashion stylist of today.

I started as an intern at Tommy Hilfiger at 19 years old. I stayed with the brand for over a decade, working in Design, Marketing, and ultimately as a brand spokesperson. I wrote my first book at 28, which led me to TV as a Style Expert and TV Host--which I still do every day.
2.What made you want to go from "VP Art Director of Tommy Hilfiger" to fashion stylist?

I started styling at Tommy as a part of my role as the VP of Art Direction. It just felt natural to continue doing it for shows like NBC Today, The View and Oprah, when they reached out and asked me style and discuss trends for their millions of viewers. A dream come true!
3. I am amazed that with such a busy schedule that you still managed to put out 4 books! I have both "The Style Check List" and "Before You Put That On". What inspired you to write those two books?

Lloyd: Before You Put That On offers 365 of my best daily style tips for women. I had offered so many on TV, but realized that if women weren't writing them down, they may not retain the info--thus the book. The Style Checklist is almost literally the very list that I look for when I enter a client's closet to dress them, or make over their wardrobe. I figured, why not publish it to help women everywhere! 4. You have been on several talk shows, and have interviewed many famous people. Who would you consider today's most stylish woman and man? Lloyd: Celebs are hard to give credit to, because you don't know if you are looking at their personal taste, or the work of a stylist. I adore classics like Diane Keaton, or modern guys like Robert Downey, Jr., for their unique and individual style.

I think Lloyd is right these two are truly classics!!

5. If you could give my readers your best basic must haves for the Fall/Winter Season , what would they be?

Lloyd:My top three this fall are color-blocked accessories (easy to re-create from your own closet by pairing together fun, bold colors), sexy knee boots (whether flats or high heels), and bold overcoat in a an unexpected color like orange, mustard yellow, or kelly green

Love this Stuart Weitzman Knee boot!

I hope you all enjoyed this interview as much as I did, please grab one of his amazing style books. Trust me you will be so happy to have it when you are thinking,"What should I wear?"


  1. Great interview, Karolyn! This guy (moi) enjoyed it :) Now I know what to get my 7 sisters for Christmas: Lloyd's books!!! They will luvvvvvvv him and his tips!!

    1. Plus he is one of the nicest men ever!!
      Thanks for popping by!
      Xo K

  2. Great interview...and looks like a book i need to get!

  3. I love this post, fantastic interview! I will definitely have to check out his book. I just love your blog!


  4. What a great interview, Karolyn - looks like one I need!!

  5. I want one of his books! Great interview Karolyn and don't you love those boots?! I need another pair.. so I need to see how much these are:) xxleslie

  6. I LOVE LLOYD! Thank you for sharing this interview. I hve t get one of his books.


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