Thursday, October 24, 2013

Melissa White For Zoffany!

I did a (Post-link) last year about Shakespeare and the revival of Elizabethan inspiration to fashion and Decor. I included a wonderful company from the UK- Fairlyte Elizabethan Decoration.   I searched them again to se what was new and alot has happened since I last blogged about them. They have a sister company-Melissa White.  They design such beautiful painted textiles, pillows, etc. Melissa has also helped to create two fabulous lines of wall coverings and fabrics for  Zoffany. You must check out the site so you can see her studio and where all the magic happens!  The two gorgeous lines for Zoffany are Arden and "The Gondolier" in the Tespi line. They are stunning and Melissa earned Zoffany the 2012 Best Printed Fabric award! Melissa has also designed a new line for Lewis and Wood as well!
Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Hi there Karolyn. Thanks for tracking down "Melissa White" again. I'm pleased you like our new work. It has been an exciting year and I am thrilled to be working with both and this year. Just one thing...I didn't design the whole Tespi Collection, only "The Gondolier" - the Venice scene. The rest of the luxurious Tespi Collection was designed in-house. Thanks for sharing my work State-side :)

  2. You are so welcome! The Gondelier is my favorite in the Tespi line! I hope to find a client that shares my love of your fabric , so I may use in a project!
    Thank you for update!

  3. Stunning! Big fan of Zoffany and these fabrics are classically gorgeous...thanks for the intro!

  4. Very pretty....I wasn't familiar with the work...thanks for the intro!

  5. Gorgeous fabrics and images here. You have a sleek and stylish blog here and I'm looking forward to following you.
    Happy weekend!
    Cheers, Heather @ Stylemindchic

  6. Glorious Karolyn! What fabric did you use for your pillows..leopard?

    2013 Designer Series

  7. I will definitely have to check out their website! I love all of the things you included in this post!



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