Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jeffrey Alan Marks - The Meaning Of Home!

Although on Bravo 's Millionaire Decorator Mr. Marks seems to be right in the mix of the outspoken ultra talented designers, He states that" he is not a man of many words". Instead, Jeffrey likes to have his work speak for itself.  Believe me it does!  Jeffrey's core value does start with words, as he tries to help his clients discover what the meaning of home is to them.  I think he achieves that and more in this wonderful book that keeps you wanting to leaf through the pages so as not to miss a beat! 
Please enjoy some of my favorite images from this must have designer book.

Jeffrey Alan Marks modeled to fund his design work, and judging from this photo he can fall back on that career any day of the week!!


  1. Thank you Karolyn for this review! I haven't had any new decor books in a long time, and it would cost hundreds to get all the ones I want! I'm a big fan of his. I'd love that wardrobe linen closet! Hope all is well. Take care.
    xo Nancy

  2. You always find the most beautiful things to post! This looks like a great book!


  3. He really is so fabulous. Happy to put a new book on my list!

  4. Wow! Another great book to add to my list!!
    He truly is great at creating warm spaces!

  5. I have got to get his book...it looks wonderful!

  6. These rooms are incredible, I love the gray blue desk {blue carpet & art} and that gorgeous cove bed. This is on my list. Also, Iove your idea to frame fabrics {and what great fabrics you suggest} in your previous post. Need to look around to see what other treasures I can find here at RR!!

  7. I have this book, and I love it. It really is full of beautiful images. I agree with you, he could easily go back to modeling.


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