Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Shopping " American Hustle" Style!

I saw American Hustle the other night, it was really great! It brought back such memories for me as I spent my early childhood a child of the 70's! So I have decided to take  a shopping trip down memory lane today.  I must say that I think the mens 70's style should probably stay in the 70's, but there is definitely nothing wrong with infusing a little 70's style back into our wardrobes! For one I have and always will love the "wrap" dress, long pendant necklaces, large framed sunglasses and of course floppy hats. So, why not bring them back in 2014!  I think Amy Adams looked fabulous, I loved her hair in long loose waves and then the transformation into that tight wild curl for an evening look! I also loved seeing the loose curled up-dos that I remember my mother's friends wearing when going out for the evening. Such a fun flash back to the 70's and the acting was fantastic too! If you get the chance check out American Hustle and you also may find yourself  taking a 70's shopping trip too!


Here at Ebay- Cynthia Steffe

Halston- 1st dibs!

All the fabulous dresses below are from DVF collection !!


 The woman who started the iconic style herself: Diane Von Furstenberg- Credit: Pinterest

Large and incharge sunglasses!!!

All of the above- Giant Vintage!

Must have platforms and wedges for sure!!

Amazon- BCBG

LOVE- Heels

SSense- DVF shoes!

The fab Floppy hat!




Finally, some cool jewelry that even "Irving" would have gladly purchased for Sidney!

Above jewelry all from House of Lavande!

Credits- Eonline, New York Daily News and Hollywood Reporter.


  1. While watching American Hustle I couldn't take my eyes off all the grass cloth wall paper. The clothing was sensational along with the hair and jewelry too. Talk about good acting! Every character was perfection, one better than the next. A must see!!!

    1. Tomorrow I'm talkin 70s design and you hit with fab grass paper!!!

  2. Such a fabulous movie! I saw it this weekend. And your stylish picks - spot on!!

    1. It was great wasn't it! What crazy fun style!
      Xo Karolyn

  3. I love the style picks! I want to see this movie I have heard such great things about American Hustle and I love the cast!



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