Sunday, February 9, 2014

No Wall Space No Problem, Hang That Art!

I have an adorable watercolor that needed a place to hang.   My walls were set with art, my book shelves are full..where could this beauty go?  I hung it on the door!  I did not want to make a hole in the woodwork of the old door so I found a wreath hanger and it worked out well. It made me think of all the unconventional ways one can hang art when you have limited or no wall space. Here are some of my favorites. Do you have a cool spot that you have hung art? Let me know!

Meg Braff


  1. That's a brilliant idea. I live in a small home with so many awkward walls! Love it.

  2. Creative idea...on the door! Really invites you to enter the room.
    Also love the painting suspended from ceiling...separating the sofa from adjoining open room.
    Like Floating!

  3. A clever idea to use space on the door. I like the last one hanging down and what a beautiful room with such restful colours. .

  4. I have a large picture hanging on my pantry door in my kitchen. I thought I was a little crazy when I hung it there. Who knew; maybe I'm not so crazy. Lol

  5. Such clever ideas!! And your painting is absolutely beautiful!

    The Glam Pad

  6. Love the door idea - very clever! I pulled a Meg Braff and hung a big piece of abstract art that I made in front of my window in my office. It looks a little weird when you approach my home at night from the outside and the light is on (there's a big rectangular shadow), but otherwise I love it. What do I care what it looks like from the outside? Ha!

  7. I love the door hanger idea, that is so clever!


  8. Such smart solutions. I have a client with a big wall of windows and very little wall space otherwise so we hung her favorite paintings against the windows. It looks great and I have to give her credit - it was her idea!!

  9. Ohh my gosh! These are such great ideas. They're so unique, too. Thank you so much for this post! :)


  10. I might have to copy your door idea! Genius! Love the other unconventional ways of hanging art that you featured too.

  11. Super clever, Karolyn! What a fantastic idea. I may have to steal this, too!
    Happy Sunday. XO

  12. First of all i lové that sweet water colour piece, and framed so perfectly. As for its placement? Perfect right where it is. I also so that it comes up to greet you right before entering what looks to be a sitting room of relaxed comfort. My only regret in this visit is that we could not see more of the charm you created in the room on the other side of the door :)
    I love your whiteness with those floors wow!!
    Next time we want to see more of your amazing beauty in home decor, I just love your style.

    Hmmmm! Wear do I hang my art, now most of it leans even at the baseboard level, resting on the floor leaning against the wall, or on a surface then leaning into the wall.
    Yet I have been known to hang small art framed from the side of an armoire, a chest of drawers in small petite groupings, or from cabinet doors to high to reach. Even inside on my walk-in closet walls, I felt that my guest who hang there coats on a entertaining visit should still see some beauty lit up in a closet.
    Now in a smaller home, I just enjoy little touches of that.

    Thank you for getting me thinking here :)

    Keep inspiring your beauty.


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, That is my library, its a bit traditional with a touch of eclectic. One of these days I will post it! Love the idea of walk in closets with an unexpected art treat thats fun!! I love your style too!

  13. What a fab idea! I like to layer and hang/lean my art against a large mirror.


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