Sunday, March 16, 2014

House & Garden-Starts With Great Wallcovering!

I absolutely love House & Garden Magazine from the UK. I picked one up while in London and came right home and signed up on my IPad for future issues. Such beautiful trends and ideas grace each page of this lovely magazine. I picked some of the fun trends that I think may become fun classics to share with you. It seemed each idea section started with a great wall covering. They use wallpaper frequently and are not afraid of bold design or color either.  So much to learn about design from around the world it's so nice to be able to bring it back home and create!


Virginia White

Armani Casa

Above bold tones of turquoise and red are toned down by the streamlined shape of sofa and lam, and the whimsical wall covering!


Sophie & Georgie

Token Pendants- Houzz

The above idea for a space is based on pale greens and taupes with a tribute to the garden. Mixes of traditional and modern give it a soft eclectic feel!
Mirrors-Tine K Home

Cole & Son



CTO Lighting


  1. WOW how gorgeous and posh are these interiors! You know, magazines from around the world are so fascinating because of how we can see through the eyes of others who view beauty from literally another angle of the world...I just love that blue divan and those hanging lamps by Houzz! And thank you dear for coming today to visit. Enjoy your week! Anita

  2. Gorgeous post! I love the lighting images, and all the eye candy! Hope youre having the time of your life! xo Nancy

  3. Great photos! If I could I would wallpaper every room in my house... but the Mister won't let me ;(! Have a great weekend, Karolyn.

  4. I love the wallpaper they use over there in jolly ole England they are not afraid to be bold and fun with design - great images!

  5. All such lovely images! I am really digging the bathtub. It's gorgeous!

  6. The Brits are not afraid of wallpaper. Stunning!

  7. I'm loving the french doors with the glass. Also I'm rapidly becoming a fan of wall paper now that I've been living with it! Great images that are getting my wheels turning....

  8. Oh I could get down with that Cole & Son wallpaper. The painted tub? Noooooo. Although I do like the aqua feet. Maybe just that. Certainly accentuates the detail.

  9. That wallcovering is beautiful, I would love to have that fourth wallcoveing in my home!


  10. I often buy House and Garden as it's always packed with ideas that often appeal to me. I've had my eye on those Dartington vases for a while and there are so many different sizes and colours too. It's a great brand and we already have wine glasses etc. I love to pick up magazines too when I'm travelling as it's good to get inspiration from other countries.


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