Thursday, March 27, 2014

One Stop Shop- OKL!

I am loving all the Spring items that have popped up on One Kings Lane this week. I thought it would be fun to go on a pretend "one stop" Spring shopping spree and create a room fit for the warmer weather. Now if only New Jersey realized we are suppose to be having warmer weather right now! Well, here are some of my picks. What are you loving this week for Spring on OKL?




  1. Some pretty finds! Funny I went on last night, hadn't' been in a long time, last two orders I got I was really disappointed and they were no returnable which was a bummer. But have to admit they are looking good!

    1. I know that is why I am doing a pretend shopping spree it can be hit or miss and no returns is a big bummer! I think its fun to get ideas through sites like OKL but then mix it up with good things like from your store and antique venues!

  2. I have yet to check out One Kings Lane but after reading this post I will have to stop by their website! Everyone I know loves it.


  3. Just catching up on your blog posts after my holiday last week. There are some lovely items here. I especially love the unusual design of those vases and what a gorgeous colour combination.
    PS I'm so pleased you enjoyed London. I returned home on Wednesday 5th just as you were arriving in London I think.

  4. Love that sconce. Looks like I am late to this sale. I love OKL.

  5. Once I get started looking it's tough to stop. It's been hit and miss for me. You have to watch the pricing. With the shipping some items end up the same price as they would be if you order direct. That said, it's a wonderful source for shopping AND inspiration! Have a nice weekend! xxleslie


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