Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bring Your Bed To The Beach With HEDGEHOUSE!

First I want to thank all of you for all your nice comments and support of my install debacle. I have met such wonderful people through blogging and I am truly grateful, I also want to send my prayers to the families who lost loved ones in that tragic bus accident in California, I feel guilty for even complaining about my little mishap when there are much greater issues in the world.
Today I am dreaming of the beach because we are finally having such lovely weather here in the Tri-State. One company immediately comes to mind when I think of breezy beach comfort and that is HedgeHouse!
HEDGEHOUSE is a company started by Beata Henrichs -Lieb and is known for their throw beds.  What's a throw bed you may ask? It's a wonderful down and fiber filled portable bed with a removable 100% linen or cotton cover that can be machine washed and dryer safe. Each bed comes rolled up in a coordinating tote with a shoulder strap to take it on the go! So this little beauty can go to the beach or bring a little beach to your home for sleepovers or even a luxurious topper for your bed. 

Here is a little bio about Beata and her creative company- HEDGEHOUSE!



  1. Love this stuff -- it looks so cozy and inviting and yes, Beachy!

  2. I discovered Hedgehouse a few months ago and I have fallen in love with their things! Plus their logo is a bunny...this company know the way to my heart!


  3. Karolyn thank you for the introduction, this bedding looks so wonderful!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Hey Karolyn - Thanks for this intro! A throw bed?? Genius! So cool, and stylish, too. Enjoy this gorgeous weekend - xoxo

  5. Oh how lush are these products, Karolyn! My birthday is coming and my husband asked me last night what I want. I think I know now! Happy Saturday, Anita

  6. How is your nose doing today Karolyn? Keep those icepacks on, every 20 minutes on and off today, and take some bromelian) for swelling? There is a website called 'Make Me Heal' that sells some amazing recovery vitamin packs -- even though they are for 'after' of plastic surgery, it works excellently for any injured tissue areas!

  7. LOVE the idea of this! How wonderful and so many cute fabric covers to choose from.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a clever idea! I love it!!

    The Glam Pad

  9. My gosh, do these look comfy! And so pretty too! Hope you are having a great weekend, Karolyn and you are enjoying our beautiful weather!

  10. Sign me up! Do you think they're sold on the west coast? I would love them for the beach...

  11. I'm a strip fanatic. Loving that bedding!


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