Monday, April 28, 2014

Mansion In May -The Appetizer Course!

I attended a lovely preview for press and associates of the MIM on Friday. We were able to view the spaces and take photos of the amazing work done by the designers. I thought I would share an appetizer course of some of my favorites. Each photo shows a section of the room I love but you will have either wait or attend the show house to see the rest! I know this is a such a tease, but I did say it was the appetizer course the main course can be seen at MIM starting May 1st. I will be a docent on May 4th in the afternoon, so if you attend don't hesitate to say,"hello"! Enjoy! Tickets HERE!

James Rixner has a camera set up in his space in which you may take a photo of yourself in the Grand Salon!
Myself and Artist Maureen Chatfield.

Megan Young Interiors

Susan Obercian and Chrisie Van Cleef

Maureen Chatfield art in Susan Obercian's powder room.

Canterbury Design team! Melissa Seibold on Left.

Canterbury Design Team member. Scott Seibold.


Sandra John Interiors

Linda Benson Interiors

Maureen Chatfield's work in Linda Benson's space/

Love this guy- British Home Emporium.

The original lighting was incredible.

Alfresco Colonnade by The Garden Cottage.
Credits:MeganYoung,Susan Obercian,Chrisie Van Cleef,
Canterbury Design,SandraJohn, Linda Benson,BritishHome Emporium, The Garden Cottage., Maureen Chatfield Art.


  1. So of my favorite things to do...

  2. What I wouldn't do to live in a home decorated like that! Fabulous from top to bottom. I'm looking forward to attending one that we have in Pasadena every year. You'll be great!

  3. Beautiful home! I love the bedroom and the kitchen is gorgeous. Enjoy your day Karolyn!

  4. Oh my goodness! And this is just the appetizer course? I can't believe it. Those pink flowers on the mantel of the amazing fire place in the second shot have me wanting to go out and by armfuls of pink roses, tulips an peonies. Thanks for starting our week of with some pretty! XOXO

  5. It looks so beautiful! I plan on going May 10th and I can't wait!

  6. Wowza!!! How gorgeous. Love every inch of it! Keep the posts coming!

  7. That house is gorgeous! I bet it is really beautiful in person!


  8. Karolyn, the "appetizer" looks already beautiful! Im sure it will be a success, you look great in the pic! And I wish I was there to visit you! Good luck dear! xo

  9. I love it all and am a huge fan of going to showhouses. That outdoor room is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. xo Nancy

  10. Oh my! This is GORGEOUS!! I need to figure out a way to get there......every single room is incredible! What fun........


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