Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fresh, Fun and Fabulous Ken Fulk!

Ken Fulk is a triple threat! Besides being fresh, fun and fabulous, he is an event planner, fashion extraordinaire and interior designer.  Did I mention that he manages to do all three equally great! Ken Fulk himself is impeccably put together with a flair for style. He is a bit of a throw back with a look that reads sophistication with a touch of fun.  He is actually self taught and I love the fact that his current studio was once a leather bondage store...who knew? In 2011 Ken created Mr. Fulk's PEEP SHOW, which is an art gallery, design emporium and event space located on the ground level of the firm's SoMa studio. Keep an eye on this gentleman we will see more and more of him I am certain. I for one would love to see a book by him soon. Please..hint hint! Plus, what's not to love about a guy who can pull off the party of all parties for my favorite iconic queen of rock"Stevie Nicks".  Please enjoy some of Ken Fulk's gorgeous interiors and please visit his website HERE!




  1. Hi Karolyn, I've never heard of Mr Fulk before. WOW! His interiors are so inspirational. They are exactly what you said: sophistication with a touch of fun. I love all the rooms, particularly the turquoise room. I'd LOVE to live in a house designed by HIM! What an imagination he has! And I really enjoyed visiting his website, thanks for putting the link :)

  2. Wow he is so debonaire and his interiors so dramatic..I can see he goes for bold but does it incredibly well. Thank you for the intro!

    1. If you get a chance google some of his party events! Wow!

  3. Wow! Great talent! Love the print of Jackie O! Going to google his parties right now. Have a wonderful day, Karolyn!

  4. omg, his design aesthetic is amazing!
    love this!


  5. I love that bathroom in the last picture. Great balance. Although, I am so practical that open shower would probably aggravate my decorating ocd.

  6. A man of style! So much creativity, energy and fun he brings to his spaces. Lots to be inspired by here, thanks Karolyn! XOXO

  7. Karolyn his work is so dramatic, truly stunning!

    The Arts by Karena

  8. LOVE his work, so daring so bold, the unabashed use of color, a man after my own heart! Fabulous roundup!

    Thank you for visiting my blog doll, would love to get your thoughts on my latest design!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  9. Hi Karolyn, I've never heard of him.. handsome and obviously talented;) Thanks for the introduction and all of these inspirational photos. xxL


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