Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday At The Stockton Farm Market!

It is kind of a ritual to hit the Stockton Farm Market on the weekend. It is about 20 minutes drive but totally worth it! It has wonderful cafes, produce, meats, fish and even Lavender and soaps.  I always leave buying much more than I set out to get! Today I treated myself and daughters to macarons, wood fired pizza, and fresh home made ice cream.  I brought home grass fed organic burgers, duck eggs, mustard greens, key lime cheesecake and fresh mango salsa and guacamole! I know your mouth is watering right about now. If you ever decide to visit the Lambertville or Stockton area in NJ please don't miss out on this wonderful market experience. Here are some of the vendors that I always frequent when I visit The Stockton Farm Market. Enjoy your weekend.

Buttons Creperie

Crossroads Bake Shop

DELICIOUS!  Eat This Yum

My favorite mout watering Macarons! Sciasa Confections

I enjoyed Toffee Pecan ice cream for lunch today, well it has calcium so thats good for me, right?
Half Pint Kitchen

I missed out on the arugula so I took home delicious baby mustard greens!
Check out their great recipes here!

Where I got my duck eggs for weekend omelettes! MilkhouseFarm Market


  1. What a treat to have this market. I need to visit this market the next time I hit the antiques shops in Lambertville. Happy Memorial weekend. xo

  2. Yes, my mouth is watering! Everything looks wonderful and I bet tastes even better. Tomorrow morning I'm going to Malibu's farmers market. I hope to find some great produce.

  3. LEMON OLIVE OIL CAKE???????? OK, now this would be a senses-overload day for me! What a French-like market this is! Thank you so much for coming to visit and I wish you a day full of great surprises and wonderful tastes and treats! XOXOXO

  4. WOW!!!! This is so my kind of fun! Yes you have my mouth watering, LOVE farmers markets and this one looks incredible!! Worth the drive for sure...enjoy your holiday weekend!

  5. What a great post and you are right - my mouth is watering with some of my favourite foods especially macarons and crêpes! The lemon olive oil cake sounds deliciously light and I'm a fan of all things lemony too.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this, Karolyn! I do love macarons and they always come in such a variety of delicious colors!

  7. I just attended our local farmers market. Ift pales in comparison to this!

  8. Every thing looks so delicious! I wish there was a market like that close to me!



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