Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Young Huh, Had Me At Hollyhock!

I thoroughly enjoyed the past two days volunteering as a docent at The Kips Bay Show House! Remember there are only 2 weeks left and I urge you to visit. It is truly amazing! You may view the rooms on Architectural Digest site. However, to see the room's true colors, textures and priceless objects, you must see it in person. There were so many fabulous spaces starting with Martyn Lawrence Bullard to Juan Montoya and Ingrao. Not to mention some of my favorites like Alexa Hampton and Cullman & Kravis! Yet there was one special little jewel of a room in the small corridor that lead to the lovely powder rooms. It literally had me at Hollyhock! The walls where upholstered in Lee Jofa's Hollyhock and the lovely designer herself  Young Huh was present to meet and greet the visitors. I loved this space. It was warm and simply well done. The center table was adorned with floral sculptures, the additional upholstery fabric was a gorgeous rich green with a wonderful trim. I just had to stop and let Young know how much I liked it and she was as lovely as the space itself.  
A little background about Young Huh: She started as an English major at Smith college, who then went on to obtain a law degree from Fordham. An avid lover of the arts she then found herself drawn to her true calling " design".  She founded her New York based design firm in 2007 and the rest is history. She feels that her previous legal training actually helps with design as it has reinforced her work ethic, attention to detail and her ability to see every transaction from different angles.

Young Huh

Kips Bay Show House 2014- Had me at Hollyhock! Image

Following are design work by Young Huh!

Credits- Young Huh


  1. That house looks amazing! I love the interior of it! Beautiful post.


  2. She is so talented! I wish so much that I could attend, Karolyn!

    The Windows of Buck House:

  3. Noting better that a perfectly designed/styled house to view. My guilty pleasure! The last image of the living room, well, that had me at the bamboo chair! Beautiful.

  4. So many pretty spaces.....I bet it was fun volunteering. Was supposed to be there yesterday but with my knee injury....wasn't happening.....hopefully later next week. I LOVE show houses and am also planning to go to the one in NJ which looks amazing! Hope you are well and have a great day!

  5. How fun to be at Kips Bay-I'm so envious. From my view that one seems to be the best show house each year. I love your post and intro to Ms. Huh- truly talented!! Going to check out more. xo Nancy

  6. I really love the addition of that crusty light fixture in the bath...unexpected and lovely!! Thanks for the tour!

  7. wow, great interior!


  8. Such a lovely portfolio! Love that bathroom with the beam ceilings. Thanks for sharing, Karolyn.

  9. What fun Karolyn! Love all these gorgeous spaces ~ kitchens baths, bedrooms, they are beautiful. It must have been lots of fun to volunteer at such a fun event!


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