Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Project Study

Even though it's Summer and school is out, it's never a better time then to create a study room!  This is one of the projects we are working on, thus I have been a bit busy and slacking off with posts..sorry. I thought I would share our rough ideas which will be cleaned up and board presented once I return from Ireland. Yes, that's another reason for the lack of blogging a trip to Ireland will happen on Friday! Will try to squeeze in a few more posts until then, and don't forget to see the trip on Instagram

A photo image from CocoCozy  gives client a good idea of what can be done to a deep alcove in room. 

Wall covering choices- woven or Faux Bois to be determined!

Two chairs an ottoman and built in daybed bench should be plenty for three to kick their feet up and read!


  1. Love the wallcovering options - look forward to seeing this project come to life! Have a wonderful time in Ireland and come back and share lots of pics!

  2. The wallcovering is to die for.... Safe travels!

  3. The wallcovering is beautiful!


  4. Jealous of your trip and I can't wait to hear all about it. Love the textures you have here.

  5. Loved this post and Can't wait to hear about Ireland!!! My oldest son and his family are in Europe right now…all of this travel talk is making me want to go somewhere! Ireland will be great! I actually have a designer friend that is there now. Have the best time! And then tell us all about it!


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