Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Little Peek At Irish Antiques!

I am back and ready to share all the wonderful design inspiration that I acquired while on a family vacation in Ireland.  As I gather all the photos and information together I thought I would do a short little post on Francis Street in  Dublin. I dragged my girls and husband with me as I hoped to find a few shops opened on a Monday in Dublin. I was not disappointed, a few were not only opened but they were chock full of gorgeous antiques that I wish I could have crated and brought home with me! If you have the pleasure of shopping for clients or yourself in Dublin please check out this link about Francis Street and the shops associated with it HERE. I was also thrilled to find that one of the shops have a liason shop here in NYC! Enjoy some of my favorite finds and remember to add antiques into your home, one can even mix them into the most contemporary of settings! Three of my favorite Shops featured on this post about Francis Street are as follows: Michael Connell Antiques, O'Sullivan Antiques-also in NYC and Martin Fennelly Antiques. Enjoy and stay posted as you wont want to miss my post on the manor home of Killarney- Coolclogher!

Now thats a planter!

This gorgeous 5 foot tall statue with amazing patina caught my eye as I walked by. Oh how I wish she came home with me!
Available through

You know I love blue and white!

My daughter Brooke loves pigs and this hassock is wonderful!

Love this one!

Now this is one cool standing globe!

These beauties and the following are available through- O'Sullivan Antiques!

Since I am a bird lover this stunning piece had me mesmerized!

This mirror with shelving was unbelievable one could display gorgeous jars or vases, swoon worthy!

Only disappointment was that Patricia Downey Design was not open. The window vignette was wonderful so I know I would have loved this shop!


  1. Welcome back, Karolyn! You were missed. Great photos!

  2. KAROLYN!!!!!! I love your photos and to learn that you had such a great time! I was just thinking of you as I saw your beautiful face over at another blog comment page! Now I see you came by and want to join the link party! YES YES YES! I am putting your name on the list right now with your blog link!

    Stay tuned, as I will be posting another reminder in a few days before the link party begins. It's my fourth party and every year it's been so fun. People get really creative; my husband even joined one year and wrote a fun ODE TO CHEESE as we celebrated France! HAHHAHAH....some people draw, paint, write stories or share their photos of antiques, castles, ANYTHING to show us and tell us why you want to go to this specific place ( or one you've already visited!)

    OK! You're in my dear! Anita

  3. Wow! Each photo better than the last. The planter I thought was my favorite, until the leather pig! Love him! But then came the stunning mirror!!!! Show stopper....oh how I would love to hang that in my home. Keep the photos coming,

  4. Welcome back, Karolyn! I loved seeing your feed of photos on Istagram and am looking forward to hearing all about your trip. This is a fantastic start and I feel as if I was treasure hunting along with you. That blue and white platter would have ended up in my suitcase for sure! Glad you had a wonderful adventure! XOXO

    1. I need to go back with just gals for a shopping trip for sure!

  5. Welcome home! I love all the mirrors. I really enjoyed following along on your trip on Instagram and can't wait to hear more! Enjoy the rest of your week! xoxo

    1. Thanks Sandy looking forward to meeting you soon!

  6. Karolyn I adore these amazing finds, especially the bamboo mirror with shelves that is so unique!
    I look forward to more pics!!

    The Arts by Karena

  7. Ireland!!! I bet you guys had a wonderful vacation. I immediately fell in love with the chairs and the pig. My mom loved pigs too like your daughter. When she passed away all of my aunts purchased these cute wooden pigs to display in her memory.

    1. That is so lovely if I had known that little piggy would have come back for you!

  8. I love all of your finds! I have been following you on instagram and Ireland looks amazing!


  9. I really, really, REALLY want that mirror!!!! I have collected blue and white for 30 years and Asain pieces.


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