Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wine, Dine and Design Part Deux!

Come join me as I take you on tour with the wine, dine and design part two! We are headed to Round Pond Estate and this one is truly a trifecta, it truly hits upon all three WDD. We experienced fabulous wine and an amazing tour. The wine making process was an educational experience and then we had the pleasure of a farm to table lunch set up right in their gorgeous outdoor garden. There were even dogs and a chicken coop included. The design flair inside is extremely good looking and well done. We not only ordered delicious wine but tasted and fell in love with the olive oil  as well. I brought a yummy bottle of Meyer Lemon home and I cannot wait to open it. You too can experience the delectable wines, oils and vinegars from Round Pond right HERE! Enjoy this tour and put it on your must see list when hitting the wine country.


  1. My husband loved all this kind of thing. It makes me remember how excited he was to find a fine vintage. He always had a fine cellar, and enjoyed sharing it with friends.

  2. Karolyn, I'm so happy that you got to Round Pond! It's one of my favorite stops in Napa - we've been on their mailing for both wine and olive oil since our first visit, which was seven years ago. That meyer lemon olive oil makes a great olive oil cake. Glad you had fun! XOXO

  3. How FUN! This looks like such an awesome trip and so well planned out. Your pictures are so making me want to go back sooner than later......

  4. Much prefer to be there sipping wine, than here slugging down this banana barium for yet another medical test which is all necessary....but still....wine would be much nicer. After these tests, I will look forward to celebrating!
    So glad you had so much fun!

  5. I love visiting Napa, there is always so much to see and do! Round Pond is one of my husbands favorites, I prefer champagne.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  6. Wow, so pretty! Some day I'll make it out to Napa - thanks for sharing the tour!

  7. What a fabulous place! Would love to make a visit out there.

  8. I'm in charge of planning a group trip to Napa in May and Round Pond was on my "must look into" list. Now it is on my YES! list. I love that they have the olive oil tasting available for a little something different. The farm to table lunch sounds perfect, too!

    1. It was beautiful and the food and olive oil was fabulous!


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