Friday, October 31, 2014

Wine, Dine and Erin Martin Design!

There is still more to share from my trip to California's Wine country! This time it's strictly design, Erin Martin Design to be exact.  We had some time between vineyards to stop at the quant town of Saint Helena. I loved all the little shops but once a designer always a designer and my eye instantly went to the fabulous Martin Showroom. I dragged my husband in but much to his surprise this was like no other design store he had seen and even he was completely amazed. The art was jaw dropping and the architectural and sculptural art installs stopped you in your tracks. I told the sales person to please move to Manhattan so I can come work here!! So, not only have I included my photos from the showroom I researched her work and had to pick some of my favorites too. I know you will want to see more of Erin Martin so after this go HERE! Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!


  1. Take me, drag me, I promise I won't complain, kick or scream....well maybe!
    What a treat! Happy Halloween.

  2. Wow beautiful! I can surely see why you were so drawn to her shop and I LOVED St. Helena, what a charming town..I wanted to move there!!!! Happy Halloween!

  3. Oh wow, her work is stunning. Love the drapery treatment behind that tub. Happy Halloween!

  4. Soulful, rich, earthy. WOW....talented to say the least. I recognize the fireplace from House Beautiful. (I think) Sensational.

  5. OMG, that last pic of the dining table, etc. is wonderful !!!
    I love Dan Marty's work and this is semi-sort of like his, without too much added.
    Great post !!

  6. I'm with Tina, I want to move to St. Helena (especially when we are drowning in rain in Seattle). There is so much great design in the Napa area and this place certainly is a perfect example. Hmmm.... I wondering how we can find a way to have our next blogger meet up in the Napa Valley!

    Happy Halloween, Karolyn! XOXO

  7. Love this designer, the art, and adore St Helena, miss the wine country!
    Have a great weekend all!
    The Arts by Karena

  8. Don't you just love her shop and unique style. I am heading up next week for the Trad Home Showhouse. Can't wait to stop in!! She is a lways a huge source of inspiration for me.

  9. Absolutely awe inspiring!! Great photos! Have a fab weekend!

  10. You landed in one of my favorite places in the world. I went to school in the Napa Valley and I love visiting any time I am able. Calistoga Ranch was a perfect choice for your stay. Your IG looked fab. I'm so glad I caught these posts, Karolyn, and that your trip was so lovely. We are just back from a low key trip to Sonoma Valley. So beautiful this time of year. xx


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