Friday, November 28, 2014

Pottery Love - Amanda Moffat!

I found Amanda Moffat by accident in my search for interesting pottery for a client.  Her work is now on my "favorite list".  Amanda has been throwing pots for 20 years in Brooklyn at the New Clay Studios.  Each piece is done by hand from start to finish and she has been inspired by Piranesi sketches and antique fabric that influence the patterns and colors on these most beautiful pieces. A piece from this collection would surely be one lovely gift for the Holidays for the person who has everything and loves art and accessories. To see more about Amanda Moffat go HERE!


  1. Oh Karolyn,
    Did you notice her pottery, the last two photos make for an interesting fit to my new blue in deep ink velvet pillow? I love here work and could see myself using a grouping in a model home that I would be working on.

    Would love to see how you work her pieces I to your home when and if that is a design choice you decide on.
    Thank you for your beautiful visit, it's always an inspiring joy to share with you. Looking forward to what you create around now through the New Year!
    See you soon.


    1. I can absolutely see that lovely blue pottery placed in that room with that gorgeous pillow! I would love to see you create some pieces one of these days! xo K

  2. Ps.... Pottery is one thing I have not tried my hand at, but I sure would like to experiment creating some, perhaps it's something I will try my hand at, we have a pottery studio here not of mass market that the potters that are involved with this studio offer classes. Seeing all this pottery here makes me want to push forward and create some plates of simple form, or course lacking any colour or perfect shapes.


  3. These are special and unusual designs. I especially like the blue and beige bowls on the left of the sixth photo. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday!

  4. Karolyn I adore her work and those bluish teal and cream pieces are amazing!!

    Enjoy the holiday weekend!
    The Arts by Karena

  5. Her work is so beautiful! I especially love the blue and white pieces!


  6. I love her pretty! I want the blue and white collection...

  7. Those final pieces are just exquisite, I can't wait to go visit her site, such a find, thanks for sharing!


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