Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wall Out The Barrel!

No it's not roll out the barrel! It's wall out the barrel! I saw such a fabulous wall idea in Napa that I just had to share it. It's the perfect treatment for a wine cellar or family room wall or even a farmhouse chic dining room. Justin of Hunnicut Winery in Napa came up with this idea when recycling a wine barrel. It was a labor of love according to him but the results were well worth it. Once you undo the metal on a barrel all the pieces fall aside and you simple line up and weave them. Sound easy? Not exactly as each individual piece must be nailed or screwed in place in an orderly line up. However, I think  you will agree that it's very cool and worth the endeavor. Check out Hunnicut Winery if you have the chance, the family is picture perfect that run this wonderful establishment and the wine is delicious too!


Old barrels available on Ebay!


  1. That is gorgeous! I have seen them done with the wine crate fronts, but never this.

  2. that's beautiful! and not so literal translation! for the wine lover, that wouldbe an amazing installation!

  3. clever idea. Love the looks of it. Have a great week, Karolyn.

  4. Very cool! Perfect with the Tolix chairs!

  5. Comment got eaten up...trying again! Love this, such a unique and different way to treat a bar or wine room wall. Love it!

  6. Wow! What a fantastic, fabulous idea. Perfect for a wine country hideaway or cellar. And such a wonderful way to recycle wine barrels. So glad this caught your eye, Karolyn! XOXO

  7. Oh that is lovely! What a great way to re purpose.



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