Monday, February 2, 2015

The Art Of Imitation!

First, I would like to thanks all the well wishers for my lovely birthday wishes! I was very touched on Instagram yesterday and appreciate the kindness I receive everyday from my readers and followers!
I especially want to thank Jeanne of I-Dream- Of blog for her wonderful 30 minute painting of my Instagram Birthday post! For those who didn't see it let me share!

Fabulous right? See more of Jeanne's amazing creations at I-Dream-Of !

Onto the art of deception! Don't you just love how in design things can be mimicked. We have faux bois, faux bamboo, trompe l'oeil and many more. These beauties below truly  blew my mind I think you may agree that they are deceptively stone yet they are really....



Yes, these amazing woven masterpieces are from Mastour Gallieries.  I was searching their Oushaks and then decided to see the Modern collection. It is quite impressive.
To see more gorgeous rugs, go HERE.


  1. These rugs are so gorgeous Karolyn! I hope you enjoyed your birthday and the painting that Jeanne created!!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. How pretty! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  3. If I had the first rug, I would go nuts with leopard print pillows on a sofa! Kinda love that idea

  4. Happy Birthday! I Dream of is so talented. By the way...I didn't know you were on instagram! I'm off to find my phone so I can follow along. It's my newest obsession.
    The House of Hampton

  5. Oh Karolyn, wow, wow! I adore the painting she did of your beautiful grouping, it's really amazing. I had this friend who would every year water colour a Christmas setting in her home all the surroundings and she would print it up and send them out as her new Christmas card, it was like getting a gift one you could frame.

    I am so glad you visited me so then I could return to your beauty and take in all this charm :)

    Happy Birthday to you!


  6. Incredible, what a surprise ending! Your little water color was the coolest thing

  7. Happy belated birthday, sweet Karolyn!! I love Jeanne's painting of your gorgeous botanicals. And those rugs are amazing...the look real! Have a great day! xoxo

  8. Happy belated birthday Karolyn! Jeanne is very talented; love seeing her work on instagram. These rugs are beautiful! Love the details!

  9. I loved Jeanne's painting on Instagram yesterday, she is so talented! I hope that your birthday was wonderful.

    Onto the rugs...I cannot believe those are rugs! They are fabulous!

  10. Oh Karolyn, I almost missed this. Thank you so much for the little shout out! How lovely. I loved painting your pretty grouping - those botanical prints are so gorgeous. I hope you had a delightful day! XOXO


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