Sunday, March 29, 2015

Artist Crush - Sandra Flood

My artist crush of the week is Sandra Flood!You will not believe that this artist is self taught. Her work is fabulous. The brush strokes and use of color along with her use of light are masterful.  I love the emotion that radiates from each figure she paints, even the animals seem to come to life. Sandra resides in Frenchtown, New Jersey along with her husband and three dogs. If you are interested in her paintings or even Giclee prints go HERE!


  1. Self taught?? Unbelievable!! Oh to have such talent! Your comment cracked me up about talking in a southern accent after reading the book. I've been watching Southern Charm so I've been back to saying y'all again. Have a great week, sweet Karolyn.

  2. OOOOH I love her work!! Thanks for the introduction!

  3. it's beautiful work. peace to you.

  4. Absolutely stunning work! Thanks for the introduction, Karolyn!


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