Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Marvelous Irish Manor Homes

I will be off to sunnier weather and a warmer climate in a few days. The only thing I will miss is my annual dinner with my immediate Irish family for St Patty's day.  Our family was able to all come together this past Summer in Ireland, a trip we will never forget. When in Ireland where do you stay or where would you like to stay. Would you like to feel like a lady at Downton Abbey? There are many manor homes that one can rent  that will immediately transport you back to the times of Lords and Ladies, providing not only a great time but a bit of history as well. Here are some of my favorite finds in Ireland. Hope you all receive the luck of the Irish and I look forward to posting when I return.






Last but far from the least is the lovely home in which we stayed this past June.
Coolclogher House is wonderful and truly feels like you have stepped back in time but merely a 25-minute walk to town.  Tell Mary I sent you!


  1. I am ready and love the home where you stayed Karolyn. That first image with the sky so beautiful in the background....ahhhh!
    The Arts by Karena

  2. I love these picks! I have traveled extensively in Scotland and England but have yet to make it to Ireland, although it is on my list. Thanks for sharing your favorite finds.

    Have a wonderful and warm trip!

  3. Such magnificent, stately homes!!! I will make it there someday. Cheers

  4. So beautiful..what a treat! I love it and this is one area I have not had the fortune to travel to but I really really want to go......your pictures are spectacular!

  5. These are all so beautiful. I would love to see Ireland in person one day. Enjoy your trip! Soak up some sun and relaxation!

  6. Wow!! I will take a week at each, please!!! I haven't made it to Ireland, YET! Hugs to you, sweet Karolyn!! xoxo

  7. These houses are so beyond amazing!


  8. I was in Ireland when I was a teenager, a hundred years ago, my parents rented a thatch roof cottage on Galway Bay. I would have preferred one of these estates!

  9. I hope you enjoy your time away. Such beautiful homes. Ireland looks like a lovely place to visit.


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