Monday, April 27, 2015

Wasabi And Water!

It was a fun day today gathering fabrics and shopping for furniture with my best client, "my best friend"!  She has such a big personality and great taste that this room should be fabulous! So far it seems that we have been attracted to Wasabi and Water! Pretty funny considering that after alot of Wasabi one really does require some Water!  This is the first design grouping and a few more are to come after tearing through John Rosselli's and Jerry Pair like kids in a candy shop.   We are going for fun/sophistication while still using colors found in nature. I love getting inspiration from art pieces too, they can really inspire a room's palette. What fun colors are you drawn to these days and is your style sometimes inspired by art? PS Please go to Style Mind Chic to see what is inspiring other blogger's style these days!

I LOVE this image I found on Pinterest and it will definitely influence the accent color choices and the next round of fabrics for my dear friend....

However, I am also influence by these where one can see the mix of wasabi green and watery blue in these fabulous photographs by Gray Malin  available HERE!

The definite Sofa fabric by Perennials so bring on the Red Wine!

I am feeling the above and following fabrics as well which are all Jim Thompson at Jerry Pair. I cannot wait to receive the next round of choices and I will be sure to share!


  1. Love the direction you are going in and the color scheme is gorgeous....such fun working with a friend, enjoy and look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. Wow.. can't wait to see the final outcome!!

  3. Love anything by Gray Malin and love the soothing colors of water!! Can't wait to see the final results. Have a wonderful week, Karolyn! xoxo

    1. That's because you are a mermaid like many of us! xx

  4. That yellow fabric designs fabulous Karolyn and of course the large scale fine art photography by Gray Malin is mesmerizing!!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. The beach photo was completely amazing. Love these colors

  6. These colors are soothing and beautiful. I want to dive right in! What fun you and 'bestie' had with this project! xx


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