Monday, June 29, 2015

A Penchant For Patriotic Colors

Do you have a penchant for Patriotic colors? You know, the colors of red, white and blue! There are many ways to have this theme without actually having a theme.  These colors can be mixed with other grounding neutrals or pops of color to create balance.   It's funny, I am only drawn to these colors in the Summer and I am sure it's because we have so many Patriotic holidays. I think something about red, white and blue seem very clean and crisp to me.  How do you bring the Patriotic colors to your home?




  1. Loving the pillows and that red chest! And, I always love red, white & blue. I tried to buy a 4th Tee for my little grandchildren at one of the hot spots on Friday, they were all sold out. Sending love.....

  2. Is there anything more classic?!! Vibrant color, yet reads as a neutral to me. Love all these rooms!

  3. You always find such pretty rooms to match your "theme" of the day! These are all beautiful without screaming "patriotic". Have a lovely week, Karolyn!! xoxoxo

  4. Really adore the Chinoiserie rooms you featured Karolyn!

    The Arts by Karena
    Art Gallery Opening!!

  5. Love your blog! I particularly love the #6 pic on this post.Do you know if it's from a blog or magazine?Would love to know the source.


    1. Hi this was on Pinterest and source was VKVisuals listed as credit. I am not sure where they pulled this image from, I can only give them credit for it. Thanks for following!!

  6. Festive and fabulous! Have a wonderful 4th ahead!! Cheers

  7. These are some of my favorite pictures! Thanks for the inspiration, Have a great 4th!

  8. I do not have any red, white and blue in my house but I do love to wear these colors in the summer. They seem to be so festive and classic.

  9. Oh my to the sun and moon, the STARS are my favorite celestial object of desire! And these lighting features, what better motif than the STARS! I need to look into this for our covered deck! How wonderful to see you again and thank you so much for coming by to visit and also on IG! Having a fun summer? I AM TOO! Enjoy the day; hope it's not too hot where you are! Anita


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