Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Holland Brook Happenings..

It never ceases to amaze me as to just how long projects take when you try to do alot at one time!  I am hopefully having my kitchen cabinets painted next week, YAY!  I am waiting for one more tile sample for the butler's pantry floor to arrive, so I can finally make my decision. I received my Oushak rug for my living room. Not trendy by any means but I think the colors add some current appeal.
 We finally got my poor plants out of the greenhouse and into the real sun where they belong. We have up a temporary Deer fence and will replace that towards end of Summer with a nice wood one with Chicken wire enclosure.  My goal is to have my dream coop built this Winter so I can have the Chickens I wanted this year, next Spring.  The outdoor bar is taking longer than expected, of course! The Gray granite was suppose to be installed today but they had a delay now that's pushed back. Hope installed by Friday.  I will be ready to share as soon as it comes together.
What projects have taken on this Summer and are they going as planned?

I desperately need to add drapery to this poor room! I will also do simple pillows with great tape trim as well.  I  feel like the shoemakers daughter!

We also have a few new guests at Holland Brook Farm. a lovely nest was built on our outdoor speaker, so no music until babies fly away.

Above images are of  how to add a garden! Railroad tie the area and add small stone. I found great white cedar, 4x4 and 10.5 inches high.  We added landscaping cloth the medium weight to help keep Pesky weeds at bay. We also had soil delivered that was mixed especially for vegetable gardens.
Don't forget to add Deer fencing and make it nice and tight to ground so little critters don't fit underneath.  I will be taking orders for tomatoes , peppers and sprouts soon!

Front runner for Butler's pantry floor and deep gray wall tile.

Almost forgot we installed a pair of my favorite lanterns over the island, now I just needed the cabinets painted!


  1. Looks great! And I love the tile you picked for the Butler's pantry :)

    1. Thank you its out of my comfort zone but it adds some fun!

  2. Karolyn-
    I love what you are doing here! Absolutely beautiful. and I am dying over your raised beds!!

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  4. It all looks amazing, Karolyn! Your pick for the butler's pantry tile is gorgeous and LOVE your lanterns!!

  5. Your home is gorgeous, Karolyn! I love all the work you have done and I am incredibly impressed by your vegetable garden! Hope the week is going well! xoxo

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  7. Everything looks beautiful and I love the new island lights! I have been looking at those in black for my island! Are they the Delana lanterns? Love them! Enjoy your weekend - I hope it cools off!

  8. Happy weekend! It's so fun to hear the updates-your home is lovely. I know that bar feels like it's taking forever. I hope you bring some of your fabulous links over to Styelmindchic Life and our #stylefocus Lifestyle Linkup this weekend. I would love to have your inspiration in the mix. :)
    xx, Heather


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