Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pet Beds Help Pet Rescues!

Have you heard of Urban Loft Online? It's a great site for everything from sheets to rugs and everything in between. I have become fast Twitter friends with UrbanLoft and I love that by selling their dog beds they are able to help fund a rescue that goes to Puerto Rico and takes care of stray dogs!  These beds are so adorable and well made, I just love them.  I have picked out a few of my favorites and also included a few great finds from their site that I also have a crush on. To see more of this fun site go HERE. I also wanted to include this wonderful rescue that has a spot on Go Fund Me, it's called "One Women Rescue 1" . By purchasing a simple pet bed you too can be helping the animals as well. Check out this rescue HERE.


A few more goodies that I want from Urban!
They have organic body scrub and bath soak, love! 

These poufs and throw blankets are so much fun too!


  1. How wonderful Karolyn, a great organization.The bed beds are all darling!

    The Arts by Karena
    Closer by Michael Clinton

  2. Awesome, Buster needs a new bed! I also love their lighting.

  3. Just in time, my doggies need new beds. And we get to support a good cause - fabulous!!

  4. I definitely need to check out their website! What a wonderful cause to support!


  5. Karolyn... we go thru dog beds like kleenex around here. These are adorable and help such a good cause. Going over to the site now. Thanks for the tip.

  6. What a great find, Karolyn! Our pups would be sleeping pretty on those dog beds and we'd be feeling pretty with those bath goodies. We hope your summer is off to a great start.
    C + C

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this "new-to-me" website. I just ordered a new bed for one of my dogs. I will look into their beds for my other two.

  8. Great cause and such cute dog beds! Rosie would love a new one!


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