Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Designer CRUSH-Emma Jane Pilkington!

I have a serious design crush on Emma Jane Pilkington! I saw her "beyond fabulous" home in Elle Decor's June Issue and I was instantly smitten.  Emma is an Australian who transplanted to Greenwich CT. She originally went into Fashion design and worked for the fashion department of Esquire. Her true calling came after a friend asked the uber chic Emma to design her apartment, and well the rest was history. I truly love her use of European influence, it brings utter charm and elegance to each of her interiors. The blend of antiques and modern art work together effortlessly! If you haven't picked up the June issue check it out here!! Hello Emma? Is you ever need a design assistant...Hint Hint!

Emma has amazing personal style that comes out in all of her interiors!

Hello the leopard chair!

Where do I look? The outfit or chair, it's all fabulous.

The following is from Elle Decor: June 2015.


  1. Amazing design! Thanks for sharing!


  2. It is all fabulous, there is no denying it!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Love her taste in clothes as well as home decor. Hope you're having a great week.

  4. her eclectic style and she seems to have great personal style as well. Always fun to discover a new name;)

  5. I adore her combination of fabric patterns and colors. A very fashionable and talented lady indeed!

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