Thursday, July 23, 2015

Outdoor Bar and Libations!

Finally the bar is done! It still needs a bit of accessorizing, but clean and clear counters make for better serving.  This took twice as long, and well you know the rest.  We went with cedar cabinets with Kendall Charcoal Benjamin Moore paint finish.  We raised the ceiling and added an industrial fan and pvc horizontal bead board. The counter is Gray granite in a leather finish to keep water rings at bay. Outdoor rated ice maker and fridge sealed the deal.  Now we are ready for cocktails! Would you prefer shaken or stirred? 
I found this adorable cocktail book "SHAKE". It has wonderful Seasonal libations that would make anyone happy. The two I may attempt to make this weekend are the "Watermelon Daiquiri" and "The Frenchie".  Holland Brook Bar is open for business, Cheers!
Special thanks to Artisan Kitchen Studio for making my design a reality! I alos want to thank all of those who gave me some direction with my front door looks like a 50 /50 split gray to black! I think I will flip a coin because all you talented ladies liked both!



4 Shots Light RUM
2 cubes cane sugar
2 wedges fresh lime juice
2 wedges of fresh watermelon rind removed
2 slices of lime
2 slices of watermelon for garnish
Muddle watermelon with lime and sugar, add RUM and ice and shake for 10 seconds
Strain into glass with ice and garnish!

For you Francophiles!
10 shots of Rose wine
2 shots of Cointreau
1 cube of sugar
5 fresh raspberries
5 fresh blueberries
4 fresh strawberries
have extra fruit for garnish.
Add all but wine/cointreau to shaker, muddle until sugar is dissolved.
Add cointreau/wine and ice and shake 3 seconds
Strain over large ice cubes and garnish with fruit!


  1. It looks incredible, Karolyn!! I love the cabinets and the color is stunning. Wishing I was having a watermelon daiquiri with you at your gorgeous bar…

    1. Thank you so much I wish all my blogger friends lived closer so I could whip you all up a watermelon Daiquiri!

  2. Karolyn, I love it! Every detail is perfect. I hope you are spending some time out there these past few days. Such lovely weather. Cheers to your gorgeous new bar!

  3. Wow looks fabulous! i love the colors and its begging for a party, looks like a great spot to enjoy an evening cocktail.....I will take a Frenchie:)

  4. Karolyn, it looks great and I like the chairs! There will be lots of warm summer evenings ahead to get lots of use out of your new bar space:) The cocktail book looks like fun and thanks for posting the recipe! Enjoy your weekend:)

  5. Karolyn the outdoor bar looks so great in its transformation, well done!!
    You will enjoy this so much this summer and even fall! Yes, time to entertain!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Ceramic Artist Leah Bowring

  6. Dream come true! May you have many enjoyable memories poolside. What an amazing space! Cheers to a job well done.

  7. I see decades of laughter and joy at that fabulous bar, love the Frenchie, will try this weekend!

  8. Love it!! It all looks fabulous. The Kendall Charcoal, the X detail in the cabinets, the beadboard, all fabulous! What a great place for hours of fun with family and friends. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Charlotte if you ever get out to the Tri State let me know!

  9. Thank you Phyllis as I always admire your design work! xo

  10. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.


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