Monday, August 3, 2015

The King And I

 This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the beautiful performance of the "King And I" at Lincoln Center. It was wonderful! I have loved this show since watching Yul Brenner and Deborah Kerr as a child.  I must admit I teared up like a baby at certain songs and the ending.   Of course I also marveled at the set design and the use of Thai fabrics and colors that are rich in depth and history.
I adore Thai silks, Buddha statues and stencils.  The one design company that I find has amazing Thai influenced fabrics is none other than Jim Thompson.  I have used several of these fabrics in my latest project and after seeing this play I long to use them even more! Check out some of these wonderful ways to bring a little King and I into your home. If you haven't seen the play yet run don't walk while Kelly Ohara remains the lead. Tickets HERE!

My favorite song "Something Wonderful" done by Lea Salong

Kelly Ohara was amazing and just look at this dress and the stenciled back round set!

I found this wonderful Site on Etsy for Thai "Siam" art!

Of course Jim Thompson Fabric is rich in Thai Influence!


  1. Such a lovely evening and I am so happy for you that you had the opportunity to go! I enjoy going to musicals and plays too, in fact the Sound of Music will be here in November.
    Thank you for sharing these lovely fabrics too, they are gorgeous!

  2. The King and I is one of my favorites. I love the whole musical score. Great tie in to the beautiful prints and fabrics. Enjoy your week, sweet Karolyn.

  3. SOMETHING WONDERFUL! oh yessssss. give me Streisand's version, and i'm singing at the top of my lungs! thanks for reminding me of this classic. peace to you.

  4. I love the King and I!!! IT sounds like a magical performance. Beautiful prints and fabrics as well.

  5. Oh I love all the artwork and fabrics! Such a stunning pattern.
    How wonderful that you saw The King And I. I can just imagine how amazing it was. I miss living in NY:( Austin is lacking a bit in the Performing Arts.


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