Thursday, October 22, 2015

Planning The Table

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  I have been so busy painting pumpkins for the last 6 weeks that I lost track of time and  I have neglected reading some of my favorite blogs! I am finally filling the home with Fall accessories and doing some finishing touches to the kitchen and butler's pantry. I started thinking about the Fall table and decided to begin planning and keeping a few must haves on file. Here are a few picks that I would love to have at my table and I cannot wait to see how all of you decorate yours as well.

I would love a few of these to mix in with real pumpkins!
Here at Pottery Barn.

I just love these faux branches from EarthFlora!

Monogrammed napkins in deep moss or bright orange from non other than The Enchanted Home.!

How cute are these Here.

Pinterest -Love an assortment of colored pumpkins!

A fabulous vintage stair runner as a table runner from GrainSack- Etsy!

This organic table cloth from Wisteria is great!

Again, Wisteria up close and mixed with gold utensils.

Vase -Wisteria, but with the gorgeous arrangement below!


Must have a few lovely Pheasant feathers in the mix and that should do it!


  1. Karolyn isn't it wonderful what one can use to decorate for Autumn! So many unique colors and textures!
    So glad you have been busy with your Painted Pumpkins!

    India Hicks Style Ambassador
    The Arts by Karena

  2. What a pleasant surprise to see my napkins alongside so much fall those leaves, I can see them on a beautifully set always pick such wonderful items but your pumpkins are always the crowning touch. Hope all is well!!

  3. So many beautiful ideas for Fall as well as Thanksgiving! I hope that painting of the pumpkins has been a wonderful success.

  4. I didn't spie any of your beautiful pumpkins in the mix!!

  5. The prettiest pumpkin of all is the one you made for me!!! Have a great weekend, Karolyn.

  6. Pumpkins have become SO beautiful this year! I've been eyeing goldware for a couple of years now--so modern and fun! Lovely images!
    Happy weekend!
    xx, Heather

  7. In love with the Wisteria tablecloth and mixed metal utensils. Really would look good any time of year with little seasonal accent changes!

  8. You have inspired me once again! I am so ready to be in our home and decorate in the way that I have become accustomed too!
    Loveliness abounds!


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