Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Indoor Gardening With White Flower Farm

For much of the country Winter can bring on the blues! The sky turns gray the leaves on the trees are gone and the grass  changes to  a lovely shade of brown. Have no fear you can beat the blues with some wonderful indoor plants.  Some of these truly need minimal care to survive and add instant life to any room. Plants also help remove toxins from the air and fragrant flowers provide scents that are truly natural. I have ordered from White flower Farm for my outdoor garden, but now I am thinking I need to add to my plant collection which is made up of my four myrtle topiaries and a small herb garden.  I am lucky that this old home came with a green house and many of my geraniums, impatiens and lemon tree are surviving the cold  in that special room.  If you think your home needs a pick me up , it may be as simple as adding a little greenery. To order go HERE.


  1. Such pretty pics. I am so envious of you having a green house. I planted my paperwhites but they are very stubborn!!

  2. These are all so gorgeous...what fun it would be to have a greenhouse. You have inspired me to get some paper whites and amaryllis going. Have a wonderful weekend, Karolyn!! xoxo

  3. Love this! Flowers can add so much to a room!


  4. Karolyn, I love to add beautiful flowering bulbs at the Holidays. They are so perfect and also make one thing of Springtime ahead!!

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    Books for the Holidays!

  5. I just went on their site and am definitely ordering from White Flower Farm!!

  6. Flowering bulbs are some of my favorite things about winter. They add such a fresh touch to a home. Lovely ideas and such a great reminder, Karolyn!

  7. I love white flower farm but I did plant my own paper whites once again this year. I wish I had planted some amarylis as well!

  8. just the perfect thing for cold winter days


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