Monday, December 7, 2015

Patina Style Pretty Please!

If you are a big design blog fan then I am sure you are familiar with one of the original design blogs Velvet And Linen! The wonderfully charming blog by Brooke Giannetti has let us follow Brooke from house to ranch and everything in between. Her style appears so well orchestrated yet effortless at the same time. Now she has her website that features antiques and custom made furniture with that definite Velvet and Linen appeal.  So Santa baby if your listening please pass me a few pieces from PatinaStyle, pretty please! Go HERE!

This lovely chair can be done with a monogram as below.

Some of my favorite rooms below done by Brooke Giannetti!


  1. She has such great do you! :)

    1. May Ann coming from you my talented blogger friend that means so much!

  2. Brooke's style is so natural and authentic, I think that is why I love her decor so much!! Thanks Karolyn!

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  3. Love her style! You were reading my mind!!


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