Monday, December 14, 2015

The Mighty Oak

Who would have thought that Oak would be the mighty wood of the moment. When one thinks of oak we tend to think of dark stained heavily grained oak that could be found in some of our grandparent's homes. Thank goodness for the Belgian world of design to expose us to lovely white quarter sawn oak. It is used in it's most natural state as simple white quarter sawn oak with ether wax, clear finish or lime. Sometimes a gray tone  stain adds character but I love it simply natural. I think the mighty Oak will be the hit of 2016 but far from a passing trend!


  1. Great photos of a great new way with oak. Different generations have different reactions! My Grandparents were about mahogany, and my husband's French ancestors had some very beautiful country French furniture - some painted. It is all relative! And it is wonderful for each new generation to appreciate the woods of the past, honoring the design, and going forward to enjoy new designs!

  2. Love every single picture and oak is such a beautiful wood, it will never in my eyes go out of style. Hope your holidays are off to a merry start!!


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