Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Currently Crushing..

I am looking for those things that will make my heart sing in 2016!  I am a bit done with trends and only want them in small doses, and I think I am heading back towards vintage and artisan made pieces if I can help it. However, I did see some great things from the gift show like Bungalow5 that will make me buy new.
 I love serene interiors,yet I crave some punchy wall coverings and accent fabrics these days. Here are a few of the things I am currently crushing...

The above from Bungalow 5!

The above amazing lamps and side tables from Bonny Neiman!

Okay pretty much anything Thibaut right now, I am loving the new collection !

Can we talk woven textured subway tile...Really!! I must use now!

Any biscuit or black Asian Pottery these I especially love from Tenango!


  1. I could not agree with you more, I am a little tired of "trends" in decorating and fashions, etc. I like vintage and antiques, and hand-crafted items and always try to find a place for them in my home.

    These are some fabulous finds! The chinoiserie lamp is stunning and I love the textured tile, may need that in my upcoming bath remodel.

    1. If you use that tile please post! Its so great! xo K

  2. So much to love, Karolyn, but I can't get over the textured subway tiles...gorgeous!

  3. Vintage, vintage, vintage!!! Authentic, and made so much better than mass produced. Okay I admit, only accessories and art.

  4. trends schmends. i think things have changed a lot in recent years. instead of that lag where a trend starts on the coast and works its way to mid-america, everything gets saturated on the web quickly. i am still crushing on anything bespoke or handmade! peace.

  5. You had me at the orange vases, stunning! Heading to bungalow 5.

  6. Love those black Asian Pottery. They look really old.

  7. Love them all - especially the Thibaut wallpaper!!

  8. Love them all - especially the Thibaut wallpaper!!

  9. Wow, that blue and white couch ♥ I'm in love.

    Sarah | http://www.highvaluehomeinsure.co.uk/


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